Six Keys To Proper Buccal Tube Selection

Orthodontists spend a great deal of time selecting, evaluating and analyzing the results of their 5 x 5 preadjusted bracket systems. Often times, surprisingly little time is spent choosing and evaluating direct bond and prewelded molar assemblies. Yet...

These choices ultimately have a profound affect on archform, arch length, anchorage requirements, interactions with the bracket prescription, extraction verses non-extraction therapy, class I molar relationships and so on.

Our goal in providing this guide is to provide the framework for informed choice. We offer one of the broadest selections of torque, offset, and tube configurations in the industry. Our goal? To meet the treatment objectives of all orthodontists, regardless of technique or preference.

We invite you to call us directly with your questions. We feel, as you certainly do, that this is one of the most important decisions to be made in selecting the proper appliance. And we thank you for choosing us to provide it.