Assure® Universal Bonding Resin - 6cc

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Enhance your bonding experience!

Assure® Universal Bonding Resin is designed to increase adhesion to normal, atypical, dry or slightly contaminated enamel. This universal bonding agent bonds to metal restorations without additional primers. No drying or light cure required and can be used with any light or chemical cure system.

Assure® Universal Bonding Resin will bond to fluorsed, deciduous, bleached or wet enamel, dentin, metal surfaces and composite resins without the need for additional primers.
Assure® Plus
No more need to stock an assortment of special bonding conditioners. New Assure™ Plus allows you to bond directlyy to normal, atypical, wet or dry enamel, dentin and defective enamel, gold, amalgam, stainless steel, plastic and composite restorations, porcelains and even zirconia. Assure™ Plus is compatible with all light and chemical cure pastes.
Features | Benefits
Universal Bonding Resin Can be used with any light cure or chemical cure adhesive.
No Drying Or Light Curing Required. Makes bonding in a wet field possible.
Bonds To Metal And Composite Restorations No need for additional primers.
Versatile Compatible with all light or chemical cure systems
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