• Product Description: Coated, Almond Colored Orthodontic Auxiliaries
  • Available Products: Ligature Ties, Kobayashi Hooks and Nickel Titanium Open Coil Spring
  • Shipping Time: Orders received by 3pm CST typically ship in 2 days.
  • Nickel Warning: This product contains nickel and should not be used by or for individuals with an allergic sensitivity to nickel.
Excellent aesthetics!

Ortho Specialties now offers a full range of durable coated aesthetic auxiliaries that offer the look your patients desire.

Coated Auxiliary Description
Order Code
.012 Stainless Steel Pre-Twisted "Shortie" Ligature Tie
100 Pack
.012 Stainless Steel Pre-Twisted "Shortie" Kobayashi Hooks
100 Pack
.012 Stainless Steel Long Ligature Ties
100 Pack
.012 Coated Nickel Titanium Open Coil Spring
Three 7" Lengths