Elastomeric Auxiliaries

  • Available Products: .0095" Ligatures, Tubing/Thread, Rotation Wedges, Tissue Guard, K-Modules, Radiopaque Separators, 24K gold Plated Eruption Appliances
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A myriad of Elastic Auxiliaries!

Ortho Specialties offers a a full line of elastomeric auxiliaries to facilitate treatment.

Details To Consider...
Description | Features
.0095" Ligatures • Very high resistance to breakage or tearing.
• High flexibility and resiliency without stiffness.
• Size .095”
• Quantity: 1008/pack
Rotation Wedges Rotational or anti-rotational force is provided by placing the preformed tab over the tie wings of any twin bracket. 100 wedges per pack.
Radiopaque Separators Highly visible, smooth injection molded plastic separators can be used in both the anterior and/or posterior segments. 480 per pack.
24K gold Plated Eruption Appliances • 24 karat gold plated stainless steel
• 1” traction chain
• 80 gauge foil mesh base
• eyelet is brazed to base
• base diameter 3.5mm
• .016 diameter chain lengths
• 5 complete Eruption Appliances per pack.
Tubing and Thread The excellent memory of this high quality laytex elastic tubing makes it ideal for minor space closure, rotational control, impacted teeth or minor class III corrections. Easy to tie. 25’ per spool.
Tissue Guard This hollow plastic tubing is designed to be placed over archwires of up to .021 x .028” in diameter in order to prevent patient tissue irritation. Odor and stain resistant. 10’ spool.
K-Modules These elastic force modules are ideal for intramaxillary Class II and intramaxillary Class III mechanics, and are easily attached to cleats or buttons as well as archwire and bracket posts. 100 per pack.
Order Code
.0095" Ligatures
Rotation Wedges
Radiopaque Separators
24K Gold Plated Eruption Appliance
.025" Gray Thread
.025" Gray Tubing
.025" Clear Tubing
.030" Gray Tubing
.027" Gray Tissue Guard
.027" Clear Tissue Guard
.047" Gray Tissue Guard
.047" Clear Tissue Guard
K-Modules Short - Gray
K-Modules Long - Gray