Tru-Solution™ Utility and Special Purpose Pliers

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Tru-Solution™ will help you take care of one of your most important assets...Your instruments. The Key to keeping orthodontic pliers and cutters in good working order is an effective cleaning and sterilization procedure. Tru-Solution™ is essential for maintaining the life of your hand instruments. Tru-Solution™ is a pH neutral ultrasonic solution. Try our NEW Tru-C™, a Tru-Solution concentrate.

Details To Consider...
Features | Specs

Mild Detergent
Quick Drying Agent
Built-In Lubricant
Corrosion Inhibitor
No Rinse Formula
40:1 Ratio
pH Neutral

Tru-C™ Concentrate

Chemically neutral - For all instruments
No-rinse with superior rust inhibitor
250:1 Ratio
Much easier handling and storage
Substantial reduction in shipping costs
Lower price pre mixed gallon ‘vs’ traditional Tru-Solution™
pH Neutral

Class III Adjustable Facemasks
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Tru-C™ Concentrate