Tru-Steel™ Utility and Special Purpose Pliers

  • Replaceble Insert: Carbide
  • Forging: German
  • Joint Type: Box Joint
  • Shipping Time: Orders received by 3pm CST typically ship the same day.

High Quality, Reliable Instruments!

Ortho Specialties Tru-Steel™ utility and special purpose pliers are handcrafted by technicians with decades of experience in producing the highest quality orthodontic pliers available.

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How Plier

This multi-purpose plier has 3.5mm tips with cross cut serrations for superior grip. Inserted tips with non-contacting bowed jaws won’t pinch the patient’s lip.

Wire Specifications:
.012 - .028”
.022” x .028”

Weingart Plier with Standard Tip

Fully serrated cross-cut beaks at the most convenient working angle. Also features bowed jaws that won’t pinch the patient’s lip.

Wire Specifications:
.012” - .028”
.022” x .028”

Weingart Plier with Heavy Tip

Stubby inserted tips provide superior gripping power for heavier wires. A great all around utility plier.

Wire Specifications:
.012” - .032”
.022” x .028”

Jarabak Plier

Long tapered design with fine detail work on serrated tips allows for intricate bends and utility work.

.028” round and half moon tips
Wire Specifications:
.012” - .032”
.022” x .028”

Stop Plier for Nickel Titanium

Specifically designed for use with nickel titanium, this plier places a 1mm stop by slightly over bending to provide a flat horizontal plane after spring back.

Wire Specifications:
.012” - .020”
.021” x .025”

Step Plier

Unique “football” shaped head design allows for quick and easy placement of step bends without having to remove the wire.

Offset Step Plier

Useful for correcting variance in gingival heights (most common with upper laterals) or for making in-out adjustments.

Force Module Separating Plier

Reverse action handles and long tapered tips make placing separating modules quick and easy.

Class III Adjustable Facemasks
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How Plier
Weingart Plier with Standard Tip
Weingart Plier with Heavy Tip
Jarabak Plier
Stop Plier - Nickel Titanium
Step Plier - 1/4mm
Step Plier - 1/2mm
tep Plier - 3/4mm
Step Plier - 1mm
Offset Step Plier - 1/2mm
Offset Step Plier - 3/4mm
Offset Step Plier - 1mm
Force Module Separating Plier