Individual MSDS Forms

.0095 Elastomeric Ligature Ties

.020 VTA™ Variable Torque Appliance Bracket System

Adhere™ LC Light Cure Adhesive

Adhere™ LC Light Cure Primer

Adhere™ LC/SC Etchant

Adhere™ SC Self Cure Adhesive Kit

Algilloid Plus™

Assure® Universal Resin

Astra™ Molar Bands

Bicuspid Bands

Bond-A-Braid™ Lingual Retainer Wire

B.T.M.™ Beta Titanium Molybdenum

Ceramic Bondable Buttons and Eyelets

Comfort Hook™ Convertible Bondable Buccal Tubes

Comfort Hook™ Convertible Weldable Molar Tubes

Comfort Hook™ Non-Convertible Bondable Buccal Tubes

Comfort Hook™ Non-Convertible Weldable Molar Tubes

Comp 2000™ Plastic Primer

Comp Plus™ Bracket System

Comp Plus "T"™ Metal Slot Bracket System

Contour™ Molar Bands

D-Stops™ Stainless Steel Archwire Stops

Direct Bond Buttons

Direct Bond Eyelets

Direct Bond Lingual Cleats

DThree™ Nickel Titanium Archwires

DThree™ Nickel Titanium Pre-Stopped Archwires

DThree™ Stainless Steel Archwires

DuraShade™ Coated Stainless Steel Archwires

DuraShade™ Coated Stainless Steel Auxiliaries

DuraShade™ Coated Nickel Tianium Archwires

DuraShade™ Coated Nickel Tianium Open Coil Spring

Easy Tie™ Elastomeric Ligature Ties and Chain - All

Elastomeric Tubing, Thread, Wedges, Tissue Guard

Flat Bow Stainless Steel Preformed Hawley Wire


Flow-Tain® Paste

Focus Bracket System

Freedom™ Bracket System

Freedom™ Bondable Molar Tubes

Freedom NF™ Bracket System

Freedom NF™ Bondable Molar Tubes

Galactic Elastics™ - Amber Class II

Galactic Elastics™ - Latex Free

Gel Etch-Green - Ultra Band Lock Kit

GEM™ Monocrystalline Bracket System

GlassBond™ Glass Ionomer Band Cement Kit

Gripper™ Stainless Steel Stop sand Hooks

GT™ Stainless Steel Stops and Hooks


LED Pro-Seal Filled Sealant

Light Bond™ Filled Sealant w/Fluoride

Light Bond™ Light Cure Sealant Resin w/Fluoride

Light Bond™ Paste w/Fluoride - All

Lingual Arches - Stainless Steel

Locktight™ AutoMix Band Cement Natural/Blue

MemoryArch™ Nickel Titanium Archwires

MidTherm™ Nickel Titanium Archwires

MidTherm™ Nickel TitaniumPre-Stopped Archwires

O.P.C.™ Bracket System

Ortho FlexTech™ Stainless Steel Lingual Retainer Wire

Ortho FlexTech™ White Gold Lingual Retainer Wire

Patient Relief Wax

Perfection™ Acrylic Bracket System

Plastic Conditioner - Reliance Orthodontics

Platinum™ Bondable Uprighting Tube

Porc Etch - Reliance Orthodontics

Radiopaque Separators

Reactiv™ Nickel Titanium Variable Extension Springs

Rely-A-Bond™ Paste - All

Rely-A-Bond™ Primer w/Fluoride

Regency™ Bracket System

Regency™ V-Slot Bracket System

Regency™ Weldable Bicuspid Bracket

Rotation Springs

S.E.P.™ Etchant and Primer Syringe

S.E.P.™ Separating & De-Impacting Springs

S.E.T.™ PreTorqued Nickel Titanium Archwires

Soldering Rods with Flux

Squiggly TAD Hooks

"T" Hooks

Titan™ Nickel Titanium Archwires and Spools

Titan™ Nickel Titanium Coil Springs

Titan™ Nickel TitaniumReverse Curve Archwires - All

Titan™ Utility Arch Wires

Transform™ 304V Stainless Steel Archwires

Transform™ Braided & Twisted Stainless Steel Archwires

Transform™ Brass Posted Stainless Steel Archwires

Transform™ Stainless Steel Ligatures/ Kobayashi

Transform™ Stainless Steel Ligatures w/Rotation Wedge

Transform™ Stainless Steel Open Coil Spring

Transform™ Stainless Steel 14" Lab Lengths

Transform™ Gold Tone Stainless Steel Archwires

TriForm™ Nickel Titanium Archwires

Trumpeted™ Bondable/Weldable Molar Tubes

TruSolution™ Ultrasonic Solution

TThree™ Beta Titanium Archwires

Ultra Band Lock® Paste Natural/Hi Vis Blue

UniCoat™ Micro-Coated Stainless Steel Archwires

UniCoat™ Micro-Coated Nickel Titanium Archwires

Uprighting Springs

Weldable Buttons

Weldable Debnam Cleats and Seating Lugs

Weldable Horizontal Lingual Sheaths

Wilson 3-D Sheaths